«Aν θέλετε τα παιδιά σας να είναι έξυπνα, διαβάστε τους παραμύθια.

Αν θέλετε τα παιδιά σας να είναι περισσότερο έξυπνα, διαβάστε τους περισσότερα παραμύθια.»
(Άλμπερτ Αϊνστάιν)

Σάββατο, 6 Μαΐου 2017

Open eTwinning (2nd edition)

Unit 2- Learning Evidence Portfolio

In Kindergarten, the curriculum allows to children to learn by playing, to be creative and develop thinking, acting and learning. I was always searching  ways to develop mathematical thinking of my pupils and their literacy. List.ly, is a great repository of ideas and projects.  In this direction, I think that it would be helpful to get ideas and good practices from this material:

1.      Preschool Math Grows Up: Tips for Teachers

2.      Play -based approaches to literacy and numeracy

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